A Lion Called Ron and a Lesson Learnt


This is Ron, a magnificent looking lion from the Masai Mara, magnificent not only because he is a lion, but also because he is one of Notch’s sons. It’s the kind of wildlife photograph I like, simple and straightforward. Hopefully it caught something of his personality. As somebody commented, “a gentleman with character”.

But I learnt a lesson with this one too. The lesson starts with not knowing that I had this image until almost a year after I took it. On returning from a trip to Kenya last year I marked up all my photos in Lightroom rating them into piles of excellent, good and rejected. This June I went back on my old images to see what I may have missed, when Ron showed up.

The lesson is: don’t throw away your rejected images. Hang on to them just in case some good ones slipped through. Going back with a fresh eye more often than not reveals something good you missed the first time around. Also, hang onto them because as your image processing improves, you may bring something to life whereas you didn’t think possible before.