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masai mara photo safari

Terry Bilton Photography (Australia)  Terry Bilton Photography

Masai Mara Migration Safari, August 2013

My partner, best friend and I joined David for a week on his Masai Mara Migration photo safari during August 2013 and our expectations were simply exceeded. All three of us are of different photography levels but this was not a problem. David’s tour catered for all levels; even one person in the group was a non photographer…

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Vikram Sathyanathan (India)  Conservation Photography

Masai Mara Migration Safari, August 2013

My one week at the Mara during the migration with David Lloyd was perhaps one my best wildlife trips ever. It gave me the opportunity to carry-on with my style of image making as well as learn / unlearn from David and other participants…

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Phil and Ghilaine Ower (UK)

Masai Mara Migration Safari, August 2013

This was an amazing experience and quite overwhelming at times, we were unprepared for the variety and abundance of wildlife that we encountered. David’s mentoring was invaluable and we came home with some remarkable pictures that we shall treasure. Everything about the trip was exemplary…

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Timothy Lemmon (USA)

Masai Mara Migration Safari, August 2013

My family of five (ages 9 and up) has just returned from an exceptional migration Safari to the Masai Mara with David Lloyd, where we stayed at the Entim Camp. We are all keen photographers (I am a serious Nikon amateur) and although we have travelled extensively this was our first time in Africa and this trip surpassed all our expectations. It was an emotional departure and we left for home after a life changing experience…

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Katie Krivan (New Zealand)

Masai Mara Migration Safari, September 2013

David is an excellent wildlife photographer. It was a privilege being on tour with such a well known photographer. It was great having him there to learn from and always ensured the drivers put us in the best possible positions without disturbing the animals. David doesn’t push the boundaries when it comes to getting too close to animals but sits back and is patient and gives the animals as much room as they need.

David is a fun person to be around and would fit well into any group of people.

The tour ran smoothly and he looked after every aspect of it. David is a great communicator and even suggested meeting in London before the tour so we could get to know each other. I learnt some Lightroom tips off him that I can go away and put into practice (having never used Lightroom before). I would definitely recommend David (actually I already have) to others and would do another of his tours.

Craig Brady (New Zealand)  Craig Brady on 500px

Masai Mara Migration Safari, September 2013

I have done a number of safaris in Africa and David’s ranks as the best! While there was no shortage of great things to see, David worked well with the guides to ensure we were almost always in the best spot for photos but also respected the animals and their space. Add in a few tips and pearls of wisdom from David throughout and it was inevitable that my photography would improve. Looking forward to going back again next year with David.

Margot Raggett (UK)  Margot Raggett Photography

Masai Mara Migration Safari, September 2013

I travelled as a solo traveller and keen amateur photographer on a David Lloyd great migration photo safari in September 2013. From the outset his down to earth manner and approachability put everyone at their ease and the group quickly bonded. As a group of six we had two vehicles, meaning we each had a ‘row’ to ourselves which makes a real difference when it comes to being able to always capture the action and also to spread ourselves (and our gear!) out a bit…

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Bob Pietrowski (UK)

Masai Mara Migration Safari, September 2013

As perhaps the least experienced photographer on the trip, I have to confess to having some initial apprehension about what I had let myself in for, but I needn’t have worried. David is a fantastic host and immediately made me feel at home. Added to that, the other group members were all terrific – irrespective of ability, we all shared a love of animals and photography and we soon became firm friends and mutually supportive…

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Peter Maris (Netherlands)  Peter Maris Wildlife and Nature Photography

Big Cat Safari, April 2013

We joined David on the Big Cat Safari and had an awesome week. It was our first visit to Africa and we got to see all the animals we could wish for and more. David proved to be an excellent guide and a great tutor on post processing during the evenings or afternoon breaks. He makes sure everyone gets an equal amount of attention by switching between the vehicles.

During the drive he keeps feeding you small bits of information so that you make the most out of the situation that is front of you and he makes sure you get the best spot to photograph the animal. He will correct you when you chimp to much, so be warned. During off times he tries to figure out what you like to see and photograph and helps you getting those goals so that your trip is worthwhile.

Keon Robertson (USA)

Masai Mara Migration Safari, August 2012

I joined David on his Masai Mara Migration Tour 2012 in August and had an absolutely incredible time. David knows all the right spots to get the best photos as well as the better migration water crossing shots. The camp was wonderful: accommodations, the staff, the food, gathering around the fire in the evenings.

David was a great host/tour guide, the others on the trip were a pleasure, and the Maasai drivers and guides were friendly and a pleasure to be around.

My most memorable Africa trip to date! If you have the opportunity to join David on one of his tours, you should definitely go. You’ll have the time of your time (and get some great wildlife shots!). It’s worth every penny for the experience of a lifetime.

Vanessa Beadling (Singapore)

Masai Mara Migration Safari, August 2012

We were part of David’s photography safari in Kenya during August 2012. The visit coincided spectacularly with the Migration reaching the Mara river. We have to say that the whole trip was absolutely fantastic. The wildlife in general was superb, but the Mara river crossings in particular were truly astounding. (We were lucky enough to witness three full-blown crossings within four days!). Needless to say we had some tremendous photographic opportunities.

Aside from the safari experience itself, we had a truly wonderful time in the company of our fellow photographers. They were a great bunch of people to be around anyway, but the way David set-up the camp arrangements made the socialising aspect of the trip all the more comfortable and enjoyable. Our dinner meetings were filled with laughter! All in all, an exhilarating experience.

Lesley Wood Photography (UK)

Masai Mara Migration Safari, August 2011

I am a professional photographer and biologist specialising in people and animal portraiture and wildlife fine art photography. Having already gained an addiction to Africa from previous photography trips to Botswana and Zimbabwe, I was delighted to get the chance to sample Kenya and join David on his trip to the Masai Mara in August 2011.

I’d like to say what an extremely well organised trip it was throughout. The Nairobi Serena Hotel provided a luxurious start and end to the trip and all the transport arrangements ran smoothly and without a hitch.

The camp itself was just perfect and situated in a prime location next to the Mara River – we were lucky enough to see three crossings in the first few days! The food was excellent and our delightful Masai hosts couldn’t do enough to help. As for the wildlife photography opportunities – well, what can I say other than it was absolutely excellent! The vehicles were ideal, only a couple of photographers per vehicle (very important to me) and the drivers were extremely knowledgeable and helpful and made sure we were positioned well in regards to light and action!

My co-travellers were a mixture of professional photographers and amateurs – we’d never met before but all got on really well – it was a lovely atmosphere and I made some lovely new and special friends. It was great to be in the company of people who were so like-minded.

I can’t recommend David’s trip highly enough. I got a stunning set of images in just a short visit. It takes a lot to tempt me back to somewhere I’ve been to before – no matter how good it was, but I do hope to return again with David, if not in 2012 then definitely next year!

Wayne Marinovich (UK)

Masai Mara Migration Safari, August 2011

I expected to witness the odd wildebeest crossing on this tour, but all expectations were exceeded as we witnessed 4 major crossings at this perfectly positioned camp. The sights, smells and sound of the Migration are in fact only a few hundred yards from your tent flap and the wonderful staff members are always on the lookout to help you get to the river’s edge in time for when the action starts.

It’s hard to believe that this exclusive camp is only a temporary structure and is taken down at the end of the season. Even though the food and service are of a 5 star calibre, you are still in the bush and it still retains that rustic African feel. David was always on hand to make sure all went to plan and that we all spent some time photographing the Mara in the jeep with him. He also helped anyone that needed it during the fun communal battery charging and downloading sessions each evening. A great time to reflect on the day’s sightings and photos. A fantastic tour that I will going on again.

Nick Constantinou (UK)

Masai Mara Migration Safari, August 2011

Last summer I went one of David’s photographic trips to the Maasai Mara. It was the first trip of this sort that I had ever been on so was a little apprehensive about it and unsure of what to expect. I am a keen photographer but had never seriously photographed wildlife. However, I had nothing to worry about. The trip was perfectly organised. I learned so much in such a short amount of time.

David is not only an incredible photographer but also brilliant at giving advice and tips on how to improve. Everyone who came on the trip was at a different level, ranging from beginner to professional which made for a nice relaxed atmosphere. The day trips were full of action and adventure and we saw more species than I could ever have imagined. The camp exceeded my expectations by a long way and was luxurious and comfortable. The 3 course meals were delicious.

I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone who has a keen interest in photography or wildlife. If you have both, then it’s a must!