masai mara great migration photo safari

Bob Pietrowski (UK)

All photos on this page are copyright by Bob Pietrowski

As perhaps the least experienced photographer on the trip, I have to confess to having some initial apprehension about what I had let myself in for, but I needn’t have worried. David is a fantastic host and immediately made me feel at home. Added to that, the other group members were all terrific – irrespective of ability, we all shared a love of animals and photography and we soon became firm friends and mutually supportive.

David took turns to accompany the photographers in the two vehicles and we felt that, whatever our ability, he was always there to encourage, advise and generally get the best out of us. By listening carefully, watching David at work and trying to adopt his habits, I felt that, rather than being taught to take better photographs, I was actually learning from within. There is no doubt that, technically and aesthetically, I was taking far better photographs by the end of the week. And what is more, I am sure that this improvement will be permanent. David even convinced me that rain is good!

David’s mastery of photography is matched by his understanding of animal behaviour. On several occasions he said to us, “We can stay here with everyone else and get a safe photograph, or we can drive over there and, if we are lucky, get a great photograph”. More often than not we got the great photo!

Equally inspirational were the tutorials in Lightroom – not just for the useful tips on how to use the software to maximum advantage, but also as an insight into how to create images which convey an emotion and resonate with other people.

Would I go on another David Lloyd trip? Absolutely, without hesitation! In fact, I’m already saving up. David is not just a fine photographer, he is also a fine man – someone I really enjoyed spending time with.

Masai Mara Migration Safari, August 2013

masai mara great migration photo safari

masai mara great migration photo safari